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Carol Holliday

There was also the Armenian "genocide" -- where the Christian Armenians were displaced, killed from 1915 on. Chuches, monestaries and graveyards destroyed.


Wow, this is comical in its political correctness. Muslims don't compel people to convert? Only if those people agree to be second-class dhimmis.

In 1900, Christians made up 22% of Turkey's population. A century later, after persecution and one of the worst genocides in human history, they are less than 1%. Sad that Bruce Johnson ignores this side of the story.

Jim Buie

Morgan, thanks for your post. Do you have a source for your assertion that the Christian population has dwindled from 22% to 1% in little over 100 years? That's kind of incredible. Most estimates place the number of Armenian casualties from 1914 to 1923 at between 600,000 to 1.5 million.

I'm no expert on the Armenian Genocide, but my understanding was that it was far more about politics than religion, about the Ottoman Empire's desperate attempts for survival in its last years and fears of the Armenians as Russian sympathizers.

If Islam is responsible for the "Armenian Genocide," is Christianity responsible for the Jewish Holocaust? I'm uncomfortable with that broad brush.

Turkey is making progress in its recognition of the rights of religious minorities.

Leni Jousma

Over 4 million Christians - Assyrians, Greeks, and Armenians were butchered in just the 20th century by Muslim turks alone never mind the other muslims who have been at the butchery since the 7th century in their campaign of annihilation of the Christian world. In Egypt today there is active aggression against the remaining Christians - the original non Arab people of Egypt - the Coptic Christians - to convert. Turn over any field in Turkey and you will see the dust of dead Christians.

There are so many eyewitness accounts published in Greek and Assyrian and Armenian. Horton's The Blight of Asia - is fascinating as well as Morgenthau's eyewitness accounts French and Italian sou res a plethora of those...and the IAGS has formally declared the genocide. I can be amazed at the continued denials.


Jim Buie

I will look at your links. I'm not sure I see this as religious warfare but nationalist fervor, as I point out in my
later post on Greece and Turkey attempting to mend their religious tensions.


I was just reading the blog of a student in Egypt this year who attends an Episcopal Church in Alexandria, Egypt, so clearly Christianity is tolerated there.

I don't observe much religious intolerance here in Turkey -- I am welcomed as a Christian teaching Muslim children (albeit I am teaching them English, not religion). But there isn't much religious diversity in central Turkey, any more than there is much religious diversity outside of Christianity in certain parts of America.

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