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I expect you'll get used to the pomp and circumstance because these openings happen annually at the beginning of the year. Usually the universities have their opening days to coincide with whomever their VIP is that year. Concerts and fireworks are the big thing for graduations, but the first graduating class will certainly be over the top. Enjoy or at least be entertained. Excellent article!


Correction: The military personnel traveling with the President is not the Chief of the Armed Forces, but the military aide of the President (Başyaver). He is always with him. I think he executes orders from the President like a secretary, and is also sort of the director of the presidential guard.

Well, if that were the Chief of the Armed Forces, he wouldn't be sitting on a side quietly but would draw much more attention; and may be that again shows that Turkey has a significant military side.

Geri Henderson

Jim, Are you still there? If you are, can you tell me what it has been like for you?

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