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Michael FitzGerald

Payback is great for alternative history fans as well as crime enthusiasts and those interested in World War Two.
It’s a novel filled with disaster and possibility that changes the course of world history.
What if Hitler had been assassinated before World War Two? Who would fill the power vacuum? Who would take over in Germany? How would Mussolini react?
Payback is a fast-paced novel involving two assassins, the gangster Bugsy Siegel and an undercover FBI agent. They travel to Italy for Hitler’s state visit in 1938 to kill him, with additional help from the anti-fascist Mafia.
In the aftermath of the assassination chaos ensues as the Nazi leaders are unaware of the dramatic changes taking place in Germany during their absence. Mussolini makes new plans of his own in the light of the events.
Payback has been described as “one of the best ‘what if?’ novels since ‘Fatherland,”(Kim Kinrade, author of “Rockets of the Reich”) “a great read with an amazing plot that kept me always wanting more,” (David Avoura King, author of “Hitler Out of Time”) “strong characters and surprising twists and turns,” (Sandra Saidak, author of “From the Ashes”) “a first-rate thriller that keeps the heart racing to the very last page.” (James Thayer, author of “S-Day”).
ISBN numbers • ISBN-10: 1945181001 and • ISBN-13: 978-1945181006
ASIN numbers for the Kindle : ASIN: B01MFABT1Q.
Payback has 268 pages
£11.49/ $13.99 paperback
£4.91 /$5.99 Kindle.
Payback is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all major wholesalers and retailers.

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