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The Takoma Hort Club has a Yahoo group about gardening. We currently have about 200 members of the listserve. It's free to everyone, Hort Club members and nonmembers alike. It's called Takomahort on Susan Harris, moderator


Never mind my previous post - I see you already have it. But there's a neighborhood listserv you don't have - Woodland Avenue (as opposed to the Woodland group you list above.) Our name is Takomawoodsgroup and it's on Yahoo. More than 70 members.


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Nadia Brandon

Hi this is a great informative website! My name is Nadia Brandon and I am starting a Naturopathy business on Carroll Ave. (office above the bike shop!) I welcome everyone and am very excited to be a part of the dynamic Takoma Park community.

Michele Moriarity

Hello All. I'm so glad to find this resource! Takoma Park is such a great place to live and work- a very supportive community. I'm a Takoma Park resident, and recently opened up a psychotherapy practice in downtown TP. I'm enjoying being part of the downtown dynamic and serving our community.


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Etakoma: an online community enhancing real community: 50 Online Groups in Takoma Park
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Good afternoon!

I'm Dayanita, the Outreach Coordinator for Young Voices on Climate Change. We have an upcoming event that we'd love to get on your calendar! (If you're interested in covering the event or interviewing Filmmaker Lynne Cherry, let me know!)

All the information is below, I've also included a Press Release and flyer.

Thank you!


Young Voices for the Planet MOVIE NIGHT at the Takoma Park Community Center on Wednesday, October 29th from 6:30-8:30 PM, with refreshments starting a little after 6:00 PM! You can get free tickets by emailing:

We will be screening the 10 Young Voices for the Planet short films (with a special preview of We Sing Out! a film about PETE SEEGER and the Rivertown Kids), will have a panel discussion with Director/Producer Lynne Cherry and Takoma Park Young Activist Club. Lynne will be signing books after as well!

It should be a really fun night for all, so please join us! Please share this event widely with your friends, family and colleagues OF ALL AGES. For more information about the Young Voices for the Planet films, visit:

Margaret   Savel Tully

Greetings. I am a 60's semi-retired professional woman. I have just returned from walking the EiCamino across Spain. I would very much love to live in your community for 6 months. Looking for a furnished room, private bath, kitchen and laundry priv. Have photo, ref and resume.

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