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I think one of the other huge shifts is that given the ccoihe in media vehicles and media angles, more and more consumers are choosing news that agrees with them. In addition, a growing number of news outlets are mixing editorial and news. The mix of those two trends means that fewer of us are receiving anything that instructs us or challenges our beliefs. Facts are less important than they used to be, and we start to think of news as reading, watching or listening to talking heads who basically echo our own sets of beliefs. This is comforting, but presents a great danger when it comes to making decisions as communities or countries. If we support journalism that espouses our views rather than supporting sources that strive to get the facts right and leave the interpretation to us, we more easily fall into polarized positions where facts don't agree, and hence we cannot agree either.Check out Free Press (, a great organization that understand how reforming media could transform our democracy: A strong democracy depends on media that inform and engage. Free Press is building a nationwide movement for media that serve the public interest. Through education, organizing and advocacy, Free Press promotes diverse and independent media ownership, strong public media, hard-hitting journalism and universal access to communications.

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